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Office will open June 19th
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EXCEPT on June 26 Office will only be OPEN that Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm

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02/13/2024 - Club Pass Players

We are excited to share some new news with you all! PDN is making some changes that we feel will help the league move forward in a positive way.  

Beginning spring 2024, PDN will allow club pass players! Players will be allowed to club pass to a team within their own club. There will be rules and guidelines, and of course disciplinary consequences if rules are not followed.

Club player cost will be $30 per player additionally to the registration fee. (player must be registered for the spring season 1st )

9U thru 12U will be allowed a total of 2 club pass players per team.

13U and up will be allowed a total of 3 club pass players per team.

Club pass players count toward a team’s roster limit.

Club pass players must be rostered and approved to your roster and appear on the game card prior to your 1st game in order to play.

Coaches cannot rotate different players every week.  The players you club pass will be the same ones for the entire season.

Players can only club pass to a team within their same club. They cannot club pass to a team that does not belong to their own club. For example: Lyons FC can only club pass within Lyons FC teams…Lyons FC cannot club pass with Cobras.

Players who’s primary team plays in the A or Gold bracket can not club pass to a team playing in the silver or B bracket. Players who play in the silver or B bracket may play up to A or Gold brackets.

Club pass players will not be allowed to play playoffs, semifinals, finals with their club pass team. They will only be allowed to play with their primary team.

** We also have news for our 8U and below teams! **

Beginning spring season roster limit for 8U and below will now be 10 players per roster.

We hope making these changes will help everyone grow in a positive way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!